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These are the people that make TradeQoin possible. And this is how to reach them.

If you have questions about memberships or communities, call (+31) 20 717 35 05 or send an e-mail to

If you have technical questions, e-mail them to

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Do you have a question for a specific community? In that case, it’s best to ask the community directly. You can find an overview of active communities and their contact information here. 


Rob van Hilten - CEO

Rob van Hilten, TradeQoin

'TradeQoin is revolutionary. We’re starting out modest, providing a platform to do more business and increase your profit. At TradeQoin, I try to get businesses and areas interested in the concept: the more participants we have, the more we will be able to innovate.’


Gert Meeder - consultant

 Gert Meeder, TradeQoin

‘Keeping the website user friendly and the administrative systems running smoothly is my responsibility. There’s always something to improve – and I always find it. Working with entrepreneurs who want their company to grow is extremely motivating.’