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Register to join TradeQoin today!

I’ve read and accepted the
TradeQoin terms & conditions

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If something new comes along that you’re not familiar with, it’s only natural to want to try it out. That’s why a trial membership doesn’t cost you anything. Joining the TradeQoin network is easy and transparent.

1.    Trial memberships
First of all, you should register as a trial member (link to Register page). When you’ve completed the registration process, we’ll open a TradeQoin bank account for you. This will allow you to create a business profile with your website, contact information and a description of your company. Once that’s been settled, you can start creating advertisements for offers and requests. Your business profile will be displayed in the Marketplace.

You can consider your trial membership a gift. As a trial member, you don’t pay any membership fees. You only pay a 5% (ex. VAT) transaction fee on any purchases you make. After 3 purchases or sales transactions, you decide if you want to become an official member. In 2014, the 5% (ex. VAT) transaction fee is paid in TradeQoins.

2.    Buying and selling
You can now sell your products or services to other TradeQoin participants via the Marketplace. As soon as you’ve earned TradeQoins, you can make your own purchases through the network. 1 TradeQoin is worth the same as 1 Euro.

3.    True memberships
Once you’ve completed 3 transactions, you decide whether you want to become an official member of the TradeQoin network. The membership fee is €25,- per month. In addition, you will pay a 10% (ex. VAT) transaction fee in TradeQoins for every purchase you make. You don’t pay a transaction fee on sales.

Both the membership fees and the transaction fees are ex. VAT.

4.    Advantages
Are you an official TradeQoin member? A true membership has a number of interesting advantages. First of all, being an official member allows you to apply for an interest-free supplier credit. You pay off this credit by selling your products or services to other entrepreneurs in the TradeQoin network.

Secondly, you gain a valuable support structure. The TradeQoin team offers active assistance with your sales and purchases via the Marketplace. If your account balance is high, we will find interesting offers for you. If your balance is low, we will help you find ways to make your own offers more attractive to the TradeQoin network.

In addition, we also organize events in your area, allowing you to meet interesting entrepreneurs.

Our newsletters and mailings will show you the latest new products and services in the Marketplace.