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TradeQoin terms & conditions




Register to join TradeQoin today!

I’ve read and accepted the
TradeQoin terms & conditions

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Ground rules

The most important ground rules for participation in TradeQoin

    1. TradeQoin is a business network for entrepreneurs. Invoices and trades are paid with the digital TradeQoin currency.

    2. 1 TradeQoin coin has a value of 1 Euro.The TradeQoin may only be used for payments and transaction between TradeQoin participants.

    3. TradeQoin is the ‘third party record keeper’: we enable participants to arrange payments between themselves and other participants in TradeQoin, but are not ourselves responsible for or involved in these transactions.

    4. TradeQoins cannot under any circumstance be converted to or claimed in Euros.’s. The only exception to this rule is that the TradeQoin organization may obligate participants to compensate a negative balance in TradeQoins with a payment in Euros in the following situations:
        • If, upon termination of the agreement, a participant is shown to have been unable to redeem a negative balance.

        • If the previously agreed upon maximum term allowed for compensation of a negative balance is exceeded by more than 2 months.

    5. Participants are obligated to charge prices, rates and fees in keeping with the market when selling goods or services. This means special TradeQoin discounts are not allowed.

    6. Payments for services and products are accepted in TradeQoins for 100%,, including VAT and any other duties and charges that may apply.

    7. Participants cannot deviate from the 100% rule unless:
        • the purchasing costs for the goods or services delivered amount to more than 50% of the sales price.

        • the transaction causes the selling participant to exceed his maximum TradeQoin limit. This limit is set at TQ 5.000,- by default and can be altered in consultation with TradeQoin.

        • TradeQoin has agreed to a different pricing arrangement in writing

    8. The participant owes taxes in Euros on all transactions in TradeQoins. Participants are all themselves responsible for the proper administration of their TradeQoins and must ensure their tax statements comply with legal requirements.

    9. Participants can apply for a supplier credit, provided it is realistic that a participant can get a return on their investment within the network within 3-6 months. A separate contract will be made for this credit.

    10. Participants do not owe interest on negative balances.

    11. Participants pay a transaction fee of 10% over purchases within the network. In 2014 the transaction fee will be collected in TradeQoin. Subscription costs and transaction fees are subject to VAT.

    12. Part of the transaction fee is used to support a security fund. This security fund is meant to cover the risks associated with potential bankruptcies and sudden departures of participants.